Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tell Tony about your most precious gift of all - Your Vote.

In case your year has thus far remained untouched by the honest-to-God-squad retro-style mentalism that is Tony Abbott, have a read of our possible future PM's opinions on the value of young women today

My mate Cara & I have taken some time out from our hectic ironing schedule to produce some badges & stickers to let Tony know that even though he may not think so, voting folks today live in the 21st century.

I Fuck and I Vote Badge

I F**k and I Vote Sticker

The badges are $3.50 (plus postage) & the stickers are $4. The stickers are marginally less sweary than the badges, in case you want to put it on your car.

We'll also be selling them at this Sunday's Political Asylum show, 7.30pm at the Brunswick Green. (find out more at

So grab a badge or a sticker & tell Tony Abbott & his cronies about your plans for your most precious gift of all - your vote.